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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will I get paid?
A. CCBill will send your Payout every two weeks.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of money I can earn as a JockCash Affiliate?
A. There is absolutely NO LIMIT. Whether one membership is purchased from your site or fifty

Q. Does JockCash accept webmasters from all countries?
A. We do not currently accept webmasters from the following countries: Panama and Brazil. Should you be a webmaster located in this country, please visit our Webmaster Resource section for places that you can find other great adult programs.

Q. How do I promote JockCash.com?
A. The first thing you do is place one of our banners on your website. Then visitors to your site will see the banner, click on it, and any purchases they make will be credited to you. Other ways to promote the program include mailing to your "opt in" mailing list, or newsletter, placing classified ads, and purchasing banner ad space.

Q. Do I need a Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID Number in order to participate as an affiliate?
A. If you live in the United States we require a Social Security or Federal Tax ID Number.

Q. Who monitors my traffic and how do I know how much I've earned?
A. Referral traffic and sales generated are independently tracked by the CCBill and you can check your account at any time.

Q. How much can I expect to earn?
A. Your own marketing efforts will determine the level of revenue you can expect from the JockCash.com Affiliate Program. The more traffic your site gets and the more you promote the program, the greater your opportunity for success. If you do promote the program and receive a large number of visitors, our commission rate will guarantee that your level of income will be high.

Q. How do I join?
A. It's easy! AgrTerms & Conditions of our program and when you click the Accept button you will be taken to our enrollment form, and place the banner on your website! Join Now!

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